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Countdown to Christmas with Amro Music

We all know the classic holiday tune, "12 Days of Christmas". In fact, I'm sure we've all had it stuck in our heads at some point. Well, this year at Amro Music, we decided to count down to Christmas a little bit differently. We're counting down with 12 different instruments.

Check back each day until Christmas Eve to see Amro staff members performing on the featured instruments in our countdown.

12 - Cymbals Crashing

Featuring Nathan, Ben, & Arthur


11 - Pianos Playing

Featuring Sandra

10 - Fiddlers Fiddling

Featuring Alice


9 - Flutes A'Trilling

Featuring Alice


8 - Cellos Plucking

Featuring Leslie and Johneice

7 - Trombones Sliding

Featuring Ben

6 - Drummers Drumming

Featuring Santa Claus


5 - Golden Strings

Featuring Steinway Spirio

4 - Trumpets Sounding

Featuring Steve

3 - Bells A' Jingling

Featuring Emilee, Michael, & Steinway Spirio

2 - Bassoons Humming

Featuring Rosemary

1 - And a greeting from your Amro family!

Featuring everyone!!


Happy Holidays from Amro Music!!

Posted by Emilee McGee at 11:50 AM
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