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After the Recital: How to Keep Your Child Interested in Playing Piano

After lots of practice and hard work, your child has enjoyed the excitement of a recital. Friends and family members congratulated them, they were in the spotlight, and they did great!

Now, the real challenge begins. How can you keep your child interested and engaged in piano over summer break? With so many distractions, vacations, and other commitments going on, it is easy to let piano practice fall to the side. 

Here are our top 5 ways to keep your child excited about playing the piano this summer!

Consider sending them to a piano camp

Several local teachers host week-long events each year, and there are even overnight camps (usually hosted by a university) in the region designed to enrich your child's music education! Contact us for an up-to-date list!

  1. Learn to play piano yourself

  2. There's nothing more fun than making music with your family. Join your child in their lessons and start practicing your duet skills with each other. Amro offers adult group piano lessons, or you could contact your child's teacher and see if he or she teaches adults.

  3. Find some fun music your child would want to play

  4. Whether your child has been playing for just a year or for ten years, there's a world of music available for exploration: pop, jazz, movie scores, and plenty of their favorite artists. If they've got a favorite movie or musical artist, chances are we can help find that music at the right level!

  5. Plan a musical summer vacation 

  6. If you are planning a summer vacation, consider how music can play a part in your travels. There are some world-class pianists who perform all over the country during the summers. You could attend the Van Cliburn Festival in Dallas or one of many events at Carnegie Hall!

  7. Upgrade your piano 

  8. If your child has done well this year and has been practicing on a keyboard or even an acoustic piano, a better instrument doesn't just motivate. It actually becomes a partner for your pianist, expressing the full range of emotion your child is capable of performing! 

Need a better instrument?

Our staff would be honored to help make recommendations and let you know about the many programs we offer to make quality pianos affordable.

Click here to help us get in touch.


Posted by Amro Music at 6:05 PM
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