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Why You Need a Step-Up: Trombone

Learning to play an instrument is such a great activity! You’ve been working hard all year- perfecting your embouchure, improving your playing technique, and learning new songs. But something is missing... As you were starting band, your beginner trombone was picked just for you because it was made to be easy to understand how to play. As you advance in your second or third year of band, you’ll start to put more demands on your trombone, which is why it's the perfect time... Read More
Posted by Amro Music at Thursday, April 15, 2021

How to Sanitize Your Wind Instrument

Sanitizing Your Wind Instrument Welcome to Amro Music. Today we're going to be talking about sanitizing your instrument. If you play a wind instrument in band or orchestra, you should know that it's important to keep all of your gear sanitized. This is especially true if you've been sick or been around someone who is sick. That is also a great time to get new cleaning brushes, swabs, and polishing cloths. So, go ahead and clean your instrument following the steps in... Read More
Posted by Emilee McGee at Friday, March 20, 2020