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Meet Amro Music: Jason Cooper

Brass repairman Jason Cooper is releasing his first album, Happy New Year on March 5. Cooper describes the style as alternative.
at Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Meet Amro Music: Jobie Kilzer

My father was a musician, so I grew up around it. He played country and western on the piano and then played bass. My tastes were pretty broad.
at Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Top 5 Winter Piano Songbooks

It's winter, and Mother Nature can't make up her mind. Can we expect sun or snow? One thing is for sure, we all enjoy lying by a crackling fire on a cold January night. And to make the evening more enjoyable, we've chosen five piano collections that will warm your heart to the fullest. If you a classical music fan who also enjoys jazz, then you can't go wrong with Gershwin's famous piece "Rhapsody in Blue." This piece showcases the mind of George Gershwin
at Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Meet Amro Music: Jackie Trotter

My love for music has nothing to do with working at Amro Music.  I have been loyal and dedicated to Amro because of the Averwater's. Chip, in particular, was very instrumental in hiring me because he believed I had the potential and talent to get the job done.  There have been bumps in the roa
at Monday, January 16, 2023

Top 5 Holiday Piano Books

THE LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA COLLECTION P/V/G Composer Collection | 300 pages This collection features 26 defining works from Lin-Manuel's career from In the Heights in 2008 to Encanto in 2021 and everything in between, including, of course, selections from Hamilton! Lin-Manuel provides the preface to the collection which includes: Alexander Hamilton • Breathe • Cousin • Do Your Own Thing • Helpless • How Far I'll Go • In the Heights &
at Friday, December 2, 2022

Strange Books Arrive at Amro Music

Intro text   Stranger Things If you can only take one songbook with you to the Upside Down, make sure it's our matching folio to Stranger Things! Featuring the iconic theme music and other works from composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, this collection also includes 17 pop songs heard throughout the first four seasons of the wildly successful Netflix series. Each song is arranged for easy piano with lyrics. Titles include: Africa (Toto) • Cold As Ice (Foreigner) •
Posted by Andy Greenman at Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Does Playing an Instrument Make You Smarter?

“Smarter” doesn’t mean better than anyone else, or superior.  The word “smarter” means developing a more facile mind which picks up new things quickly. Learning to play an instrument may not alter your perceptions or core beliefs, but playing one requires mastering new techniques, practicing perceptional acuity, and improving your physical dexterity.    Like learning a new language, learning to make music stretches your mind.  When you lea
Posted by Cheryl Wolder at Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Finding Your Voice – 3 Steps for Building Your Authentic Musical Self

Fellow musicians:  How many times have people criticized you?  Told you that you lacked talent?  Made you feel down about your skill?  Let me tell you something:  Every person telling you those things isn’t perfect and doesn’t know everything.  You are special, and you deserve to know it.  Today’s blog is designed to give you strategies which will help you find your true musician’s voice.  1. Learning Music Won’t Happen Ov
Posted by Cheryl Wolder at Wednesday, May 4, 2022