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Installation and Voicing of Your Organ

The selection of your organ is one that can be an incredibly complex and thorough process. However, a poor installation or lack of voicing can prevent you from hearing all the color, nuance, and expression of the organ. For this reason, we will discuss speaker placement options early in the discussion when selecting a console. On delivery day, we will experiment with various positions and directions for the speakers to provide the most authentic pipe sound for the congregation.

Depending on the location of the console relative to the speakers, we may need to "fish" speaker wire through an attic, under the floor, or through pre-installed wire runs. If your church is considering a newly constructed or renovated sanctuary, it's important to work with us and the architects/engineers on designed speaker chambers, cable routing, and electrical needs. 

Once everything is in place, we'll spend several hours listening to the organ in various solo and ensemble registrations, making adjustments to individual note or voice volumes and color. This process is known as voicing the organ. In a true pipe organ, the pipe organ builder will physically make adjustments to the pipes to alter the articulation or volume and tuning of the pipe. Allen Organs stand out in that we can truly replicate this process in the digital console, unlike any other manufacturer. This voicing process is one of the most critical steps! A very expensive organ voiced incorrectly can be less satisfying than a more economical option that has been voiced appropriately for the environment.

Video Demonstration - Voicing a Pipe Organ

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Competitive Comparison


Allen Organs are built at the Allen factory in Macungie, PA, about an hour outside of Philadelphia. As of 2017, no other major digital organ company continues to build organs in the United States except for Allen.



Rather than using particle board and angle brackets, Allen Organ consoles are assembled using proven woodworking techniques, such as wood on wood doweled-construction and superior structural design.



The factory also houses Allen Integrated Assemblies, where digital components are manufactured. Allen Organ Company is so committed to the quality of manufacturing that they produce every component internally, down to the individual circuit boards and cages within the organ. 



See the difference for yourself. Stop by our showroom and we'll be glad to walk you through the construction of an Allen Organ. Take a look at another company's organ, below.

*This is NOT an Allen Organ*

Features of Allen Organs

Note by Note/Individual Stop Voicing Controls - No other digital organ manufacturer allows complete flexibility with voicing like Allen does. This allows us to match the organ to the environment in which it is placed.

Expanded Audio - Every Chancel or Bravura organ can be configured to work with expanded and even interlaced audio.  By splitting the C and C# into separate speakers, true pipe acoustics can be recreated in your space. Interlaced audio takes it to the next level, by eliminating phase disruption for specific harmonies sounding through the same speakers.

GeniSys Voices - Now you can add warm, rich symphonic sounds and additional organ stops to your Allen Organ with GeniSys Voices. GeniSys Voices is the next evolution in MIDI technology for the organ and adds these voices to each manual as traditional stops, allowing you to use them like any other sound in the organ.

Thoughtful and Customizable Stop Lists - Historique and Chancel organs draw on 500 years of organ builders' experiences. The stoplists they feature showcase the most common and desirable registrations from classic organs around the world. Bravura organs also share these thoughtful stoplists, and clients can customize and/or add any stops they desire.

Allen Organs stand out as organists' favorite digital organ and have proven their lasting quality. We would be honored to walk through the organ selection process with you. If you'd like more information, please fill out the form below and we'll be glad to contact you as soon as possible.

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