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Music Education's Unique Role In Preparing Students For Life After High School

Nick Averwater continues his conversation with Jared Cassedy, K-12 Performing Arts Coordinator for Lexington Public Schools in Lexington, Massachusetts, a town of around 35,000 people located ten miles northwest of Boston.

Jared is the 2015 recipient of the GRAMMY Award in Music Education, and in 2022 he was one of 30 teachers who received the CMA Foundation's Music Teacher of Excellence Award. He is in his 20th year as a music educator.

This week's episode picks up in the middle of a wide-ranging conversation about incorporating DEI into a music curriculum and seeing how it leads to better musical experiences for students and better prepares them for life after high school.

If you haven't heard the previous program, we recommend you listen to that first to give proper context to this episode. 

Our conversation was recorded December 13th, 2022.