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2022 Young Directors Bootcamp, Part 2

Podcast Episode Summary

In this episode we'll listen to the second half of a panel discussion from Amro Music's Young Directors Bootcamp, which is a chance for band directors who are just starting out to hear from educators who are a few years into their careers. The discussion features Reece Gardner from Arlington Middle School in Arlington, TN, Emma Lang from Trenton Rosenwald Middle School and Peabody High School in Trenton, TN, Nathan Anderson from Green County Tech Middle School in Paragould, Arkansas, and Carlos Serna from Paragould Junior High, and High School, also in Paragould, Arkansas. Nick Averwater is moderator for the discussion.  And a quick production note, we did have some questions from the audience, but they were off-mic, so we've edited out most of the actual questions from this recording, but Nick repeats them for the podcast audience and those who were joining us live on Zoom. This conversation was recorded August 6, 2022.


Podcast Guests

website picture6 Kyndall+Gardner Mr. Carlos Serna

Emma Lang

Trenton Rosenwald Middle School

Trenton, TN

Nathan Anderson

Greene County Tech Middle School

Paragould, AR

Reese Gardner

Arlington Middle School

Arlington, TN

Carlos Serna

Paragould Jr. High / High School

Paragould, AR


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