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Advising And Encouraging Students Who Want To Pursue A Career In Music Education

Podcast Episode Summary In this episode, Nick Averwater talks with  Dr. Matt Rowan , Director of Bands for the  Pearl School District  in Pearl, Mississippi, a city of around 27,000 just east of Jackson. In this conversation, Dr. Rowan talks about how he knew early that he wanted to pursue a career in music education, in large part because of the many educators along the way who encouraged him. We'll also learn about ways he now serves as a mentor for leaders in his... Read More
Posted by Emilee McGee at Saturday, April 23, 2022

Advocating For Arts Education In A State of Nearly 7 Million People

Podcast Episode Summary This week Nick Averwater talks with Todd Shipley, Director of Arts Education for the  Tennessee Department of Education . Todd had eight years of experience as a school band director before moving into his current role with the state in 2018. In this episode, we'll learn more about what it means to be the leading advocate for arts education in a state of nearly seven million people, and we'll learn about some practical ideas for advocacy at the local... Read More
Posted by Emilee McGee at Saturday, April 9, 2022

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